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I had tried to enter codes the week before they expired, but my iPad said this was not a safe site at that time. Thanks! Robin – Please subscribe to my daily Freebies 4 Mom email here: I’m sorry, but Kellogg’s changed those codes to “expired” and they only worked for everyone for a short period of time. Expiration dates are unknown but as of today they all work. Hi: I just want to thank you for giving us all of the extra Kellogg’s codes, it’s so nice of you and much appreciated :). Maybe it is time to mark ‘Freebie” as junk or block. KFRCONSUMERQUEEN (100 points) added 12/21, WARMWISHESFORYOU (25 points) added 12/21, expires 12/31, I normally get the coupons but I did get 2 grocery bags when they had them for 1000 points each. . Just thought Id share. Would not take CEREALANDMILKABC, said sorry try again. Since 1906 Kellogg’s has made meal times a little brighter with wholesome, delicious, and nutritious food. Needs to be 16 long. Up to 305 points already. Anyway, I noticed that there haven’t been any Kellogg’s codes posted since May 12th? Thank u so much for making me aware of that. Haven’t had time to confirm this one, but this is for 29 points: Thanks so much for alerting me to these new codes! There are not enough letters or spaces so they will not accept them. AWESOME!!! EASTERTREATS4ALL Kellogg’s has some of the best cereals to offer you and your family. Expires 4/12/15. Have a blessed Christmas & Happy New Year! Kellogg is committed to making sure our company fully reflects the diverse consumers who enjoy our foods. Hey Dawn, I was having issues for awhile too. FUNA-NDFR-IGHT-SKFR for 100 KFR points, expires 11/4/19. TRICKYTIPSBYTONY – 25 points (posted on 4/1) 25freetocooldown, FREEPTSRBLOOMING – 100 points (posted on 5/15). Well, I say that, as I did get one today for having been with them 5 years. Yes — all of these coeds came up as duplicates. That was actually me. They make a variety to choose from so you will always find something to enjoy at breakfast time. THANK YOU HEATHER (FREEBIES4MOM) ….all 3 codes still worked for me just now: BEOURVALENTINE50 (50 points, new 2/14, expiration 2/20) 0XKW-1NT3-5Q0N-5ZHQ 90 Pts. Expires on November, 1. Good for you! Thanks a bunch!!! :-D, Not working. Got it posted – thanks for making sure I saw it! 20 Points for Welcome Bonus Code Our large family has gone to allot of free movies because of KFC. That’s because they expired at the end of June (6.25 and 6.27, respectively). Sorry Tina – but they no longer but Kellogg’s Family Rewards codes on the product packages. THROWBACKBONUS50 appears to have expired. This blog is awesome Heather. However, I don’t check it daily. KFRSHARETHANKS20 (20 points) – I got 100 points for this one!!!! Thanks for your hard work..appreciate all you do.. You’re welcome! 6/25/17. Get $5 Movie concession cash When you buy 3 specially marked packages of Kellogg's cereal. Then I started googling & found your list. just added all these to my account! I’m up to 19,584 now …not sure what I’m holding out for. Thank you – already got this new code posted. I’ve removed all codes that are “expired” or simply stopped working. HIGHTEMP25FREE4U for 25 points. Thanks David, It is for 25 points. HOWITWORKS20PNTS (20 points) added 2/6 – WORKED. YOUCHOOSETHEBEST Sparen Sie hier was das Zeug hält, indem Sie einen aktuellen Kelloggs Gutschein entwerten. 20 Points for KFR Sharing Bonus Code Thanks for the May codes. Enter at for free placemat by 10/31/15. All still working! And customer service said it was fine. The code is HOWITWORKS20PNTS. I have a rare primary autoimmune disease that significantly damages optic nerve affecting both eyes (among other things) where I’m already legally blind (with prescription). It even counted towards the free Scholastic book promotion they’re doing, but I need 2 more to get a book. i cant get it to take kindnesspassiton and letitsnowugetpnts, i tried several times, says invalid. REDANDGREENPTS4U – 50 points (posted on 12/6)*exp. Just got 50 points! New code in today’s email from Kellogg’s. DUNKING4KFR25PTS – 25 points (posted on 4/2), 25FREEPTS4THEWIN – 25 points (posted on 4/1) FATH-ERSD-AYPT-FORU for 25 points. All 3 codes worked for me today 5/15/2018 :) Thanks! It’s a team effort for sure! REWARDSPTSJUST4U. Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m happy you discovered my blog, Suzanne! APRILFOOLSFUNPTS – 25 points (posted on 4/1) This is very disappointing and why do we need to go through so many questions and advertising just to get a free sample. With your points you can get some fantastic rewards here.As soon as more codes become available we will be sure to post more updates. Have more free kellog codes been posted since the points posted for Dec 16th? Thank you so much – just added that new code! EARNSWEETREWARDS – 50 points, Thanks for sharing this code. Great website, and the updates are most appreciated, Thank You. I appreciate you making these lists for your readers. As always, appreciate your willingness to post these for us! FREEPTSCOMINGATU for another 25 points. 9 oz. Happy Easter everyone! I also got the 101 prints (and 50 KFR points) with a code from an email. You’re welcome – I appreciate the update! I wish I could use these, but I always get an error when attempting to log in to kfr. ;o(. KFRSUPERSAVERMOM for 100 points in the new year! Thanks. Have you taken these quizzes? : ), LETITSNOWUGETPTS – 100 points (posted on 2/14) ROCK-INGS-UMME-RPTS for 100 points, expires 12/04/16. :/. Expires 11/26/2018. Europa Park-Gutscheine, Rabatte für den Heide Park, Sparmöglichkeiten für das Phantasialand sowie weitere Freizeitpark-Gutscheine erhaltet ihr hier Freizeitparks zum halben Preis besuchen: Mit den Kellogg's-Gutscheinen 2020 für bis zu 5 Personen 50 Prozent Rabatt sichern - Heide Park, LEGOLAND, Gardaland und Co. sind dabei SPECIALK5BONUS4U (50 points) added 2/6 – EXPIRED. I’ll post new codes as soon as I find them! 0ZJK-JR7X-30YC-JJF3 50 Pts. Going Further. Can we please request extra time? All the new codes are coming up as duplicate…. It hasn’t shown me how many points it’s worth. You are awesome for letting me know – updating my list and adding a new code soon! I just started couponing and came across the site. Thanks! FYI the KFRKEEPSONGIVING is only worth 25 points. and Dang it, me too! My daily email goes out early each morning so the codes went out this morning before I had heard from readers that 2 of the 3 codes I added had expired. GETY-OURK-FRTR-EATS (50 PTS), WATCH4FALLCOLORS – 100 points – Expires 10/8, ENJOYLABORDAYPTS 100 points Posted 9/5, Expires 9/10. I really appreciate it, so THANK YOU again! They are printable coupons – I don’t think there is an option to request them by mail. CORNYLOVESEASTER did not work for me; it said it was expired. You’re welcome, Deb – so glad you told me to change it! 25 Points for Ghost and Goblins Bonus Code I think I am signed up for several of those things you listed, but see that I would have to go and check on them regularly to get the codes (instead of waiting for them in an email or message sent out to me). Kellogg’s und Merlin Entertainments bringen Fans günstiger in Freizeitparks & Co. Ob Legoland, Madame Tussauds, Heidepark oder Sea-Life-Aquarien – es gibt Rabatt von 50 Prozent für bis zu fünf Personen mit jedem Gutschein. Anyone else having problems with this code? I’m now up to 27,044 points! I don’t know if anyone else got this, but today (9/20) I got an “anniversary” email from Kelloggs that contained a code for 100 free points. I live in the commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, i hope that i can be registered and be a part of the kellogs family rewards so i can enter my codes for rewards….Thank you! KFRTHANKYOU50PTS worked for me, for 50 pts. :). KFRSHARETHANKS20 (20 points) Still Valid Thanks this was a great list and bumped up my points! I don’t believe it – I was totally convinced they were just not going to issue any more codes. This website is very helpful! thanks! 25FREEFORMOREFUN for 25 points I tried submitting it on my account today. Another Bonus code. I use them for the Brain Quest printables for my 6yr old son, he loves them! Thank you for compiling these in one place! But we also have good news - you can reinstate your expired points once every 12 months! Von Rainer Hermann - Aktualisiert am 02.10.2020 - 15:21 Wow. thank you! Have you tried contacting Kellogg’s directly about it? Thank you for the great tips and reward codes! CELEBRATEMOTHERS – 100 TAST EGOO DSNA CK4U: 5PTS, TAST-YGOO-DSNA-CK4U for 5 points, expires 4/11/16, This one still worked for me! TEAMSPIRITLETSGO for 25 points Thanks for letting me know – it worked ok for me this morning. The bonus codes are released in several different places (like the Kellogg’s Family Rewards Facebook page, Twitter account, and other social media channels). Updating my post right now. HAPPYBDAYAMERICA is another one worth 238 pts. Thanks :). Just searched and found your site… thanks for adding and updating these :) Here is what I got: POINTSFORREWARDS (100 points) – Expired, LUCKYLEPRECHAUNS (50 points) Still Valid & I just went through the list and all but the first one worked for me! Hopefully all good soon :). WINT-ERWO-NDER-PNTS for 100 points! To get your points back, simply click or tap the button below. It helps keep my mind off my problems by providing me with something I’m can be productive with at the moment while helping my family, even if a little it still means a lot!!! YOUREASTERBASKET (25 points) added 3/22, expires 3/20, Says the code expires before the add date, which is odd. Buy Kellogg’s® and get a FREE book for your child or teen. I am trying to enter codes for the family rewards but it keeps showing “file not found”. KFRTWEETSREWARDS (50 points) added 4/21 –EXPIRED. pauline greer this code:CEREALANDMILKABC you need to put other in where to buy it then summit so it can work ok. AMAZINGSPIDERMAN said it was expired! YAY …this is awesome …thanks so much for changing the order of the comments! Which code on the list is expired? Add coupon to your Giant Eagle Advantage Card to save in-store. You helped me earn 200 Kellogg’s rewards points tonight!! 1/1 Thank you! I’ve updated my post – thanks for your help! MOST OF THE CODES ARE DUPLICATES AND ARE EXPIRED.CAN YOU PLEASE UPDATE THE LIST? Add points to your account at Kellogg’s® Family Rewards  (or click the red link below to take a quiz), HOHOHOLIDAYFUN20 (100 points, new 12/21/20, expires 12/31/20), FAVORITEKFRTREAT (100 points, new 12/16/20, expiration unknown), Log-in the take the Rewards Quiz (100 points, new 12/21/20), Log-in the take the Email Engagement Quiz (500 points, new 11/10/20), Log-in the take the Shopping Habits Quiz (500 points, new 11/7/20), Don’t miss their awesome promotion to get up to 10 free children’s books (free shipping included), Enter the shareable codes to earn coupons, sweepstakes entries, and other free rewards. I got this one by email today & it was worth 200 points. Anyone else having issues? EARNGREATREWARDS = 20 points In meinen Beiträgen zeige ich dir. Thanks for asking! WINNINGRECIPES4U REDN-OSER-EIND-EERS for 100 points! It’s so much easier now, as the newest comments show right up top! ITSMOMSDAY2SHINE from KFR on Facebook 50 points. Which rewards are your favorites at Kellogg’s Family Rewards? EARNSWEETREWARDS – 50 points NOTE: The below codes seem to be working again, it may depend on when you entered the codes last: EARNGREATREWARDS = 20 points I have entered several codes that were updated and they expire by thee 22 and none of them work AHOTKFRBONUS4YOU. BEST-BALL-GAME-EATS for 25 points, I can’t get either of the codes posted yesterday to work… says they are INVALID Thank you!! They just gave me a free replacement code. PresidentialPick & ScaryGoodSavings are expired. Explore Kellogg's and learn about our food, history and our commitment to sustainability, nutrition and giving back. Expires 1/30/17. The Kellogg Company Promo Codes November 2020. EASYMENUPLANNING was added today. There are 16. Go add the *NEW* code MAGICALCREATIONS (25 points) added 3/23. KELLOGGSFREEBOOK has expired. Thanks again, as the code WATCH4FALLCOLORS worked for me today! What a great deal on cereal! I haven’t been able to sign in for weeks now. Thanks! KFRSATURDAYBONUS is expired, Thanks for all of the freebie codes. Thanks! But the Kellogg’s coupons you get thru Kellogg’s Family Rewards are usually higher-value than the coupons you find in the Sunday paper. CINCODEMAYOPARTY – 50. Thanks for sharing them! It’s been nearly a MONTH since we’ve had a KFR code. Just wanted to share!! Savings with The Kellogg Company coupon codes and promo codes for December 2020. Thank you so much for the codes, everyone! Just as a heads up…the YOURKFRVALENTINE code has expired. Kellogg’s must have gotten many complaints. I haven’t won anything yet, but one of these days……. I have not received any through email from Kellogg’s, so am wondering how you guys get them (ones that are additional, besides the purchased box codes). What is going on? 2/20/18) Thanks to all of my readers I’m able to keep this list up-to-date. NOTE: The below code seem to be working again, it may depend on when you entered the codes last: —————I used all 3 today & they all worked————-, The first and the last worked for me. fyi…the code SMOREKFRPOINTS4U was showing as expired when I tried entering it this morning. ROCK-INKF-RREW-ARDS for 100 points! Everyone’s Got Their Favorite Kfrsharethanks20 20 pts Valid for one entry. They told me my balance that was still left on the voucher. I still get emails with their recipes & coupons, but no codes. For years that’s all I did with my points. KIND-NESS-PASS-ITON for 25 points. KFRCELEBRATESUSA (100 points) The only one expired was the little leaguers one. I use my points to get high-value coupons for Kellogg’s products. Since my email newsletter goes out daily each morning, this post was included in my Friday, July 18 newsletter (since it was posted after my Thursday newsletter was sent out). Today's top The Kellogg Company Promo Code: 25 Points. Feel free to email me with questions or tips anytime –, Expired – LUCKYLEPRECHAUNS (50 points) added 3/17. Thanks! Thanks for posting! the code does not contain that. The End of Summer Code is the same code as the end of summer fun poll quiz fyi :) Thanks for these coeds! Just used it today. I received this in an email today where they ask you a “poll question” and it gives you this bonus for taking the poll. At some stores (like HEB and Target in my area) you can stack coupons to use 2 coupons on 1 product. ?Keep up the great work! Hollyjollycostco- 50 APRILFOOLSFUNPTS 25 points I like checking out your site to grab some extra freebie points …thanks so much! I waited until now to enter them and turns out one was not for the movie but worth 100 points. i am new to your site.xo. So don’t walk away from your 2 for one movie offer for 6 codes. Tap offer to copy the coupon code. Thanks Melissa – just posted this new code! Thank you. SPRINGPOINTS4ALL Expires 7/23/17. WARMWISHESFORYOU and POPTARTSAVENGERS are expired. EARNSWEETREWARDS – 50 points I’ll leave your comment here in case anyone else wants to try this code! They are obviously gone from this site, but I would like to try them again. Hope it works for you. BACKTOSCHOOL2014 (50 points) Still Valid Expires 2/27/17. Thanks so much for all these codes! BTW …can I make a suggestion for your site, if it’s possible?!? NEW 100 point KFR CODE, expires 6/10/2019: 2-GET_GRIL-LING-2KFR. Well, it’s been a long time coming, but here’s another code for 50 points! Which labor day code didn’t work for you? Sorry I didn’t keep track of the exact codes but hopefully the information below helps. use 2 coupons on 1 product). And for myself, the Kelloggs Reusable Bags! I got the expired code message on these three (Others still worked as of this message posting- Ty): FEASTONKFRPOINTS (25 points) added 11/21, KFRGIVESTHANKS4U (25 points) added 11/21, HERES2ABETTERKFR (25 points) added 11/18, HUNTFORKFRPOINTS (100 points) added 11/24 LOVE-YOUR-KFRE-WARD. Kellogg’s Grown Ups Go Free voucher can be used at over 40 amazing attractions across the UK and Republic of Ireland- find the full list here Check Terms and Conditions here for the ticket validity dates and any exclusions at your chosen venue 50 Points for Kellogg Site Bonus Code FYI – Just tried another code and message stated that code entry is not available at this time – team working to resolve the issue. Anyhow, if this is the reason or they’re just no longer widely available I respect them & your site for offering these free codes to someone like me as long as they did. HOWITWORKS20PNTS (20 points) Still Valid Heute 21. 30daysofcheerpts We previously wrote on 5.26.15 inquiring as to the diminishing promo codes and finally & thankfully discovered that Kellogg’s (& their affiliates) are becoming more modernized so we can get ALL the credit we deserve from uploading my family’s receipts without having to worry about retrieving all the hard-to-read codes (we’ve been told they’ll still have comparable promotions & will share them on this site if you haven’t already beat me to it)! THanks! I just tried this one this morning (12/2/14) when I saw your comment and it worked for me! Packing4vacation 20 pts After you login, click on “Enter Codes” button. I just cashed out 4000 points this morning for 2 free redbox movies. Ugh! TWEETTWEETFORPTS has expired, Found on Hip2Save,Thanksforthevote 50 pts. I entered it successfully the morning I posted it. Thanks just used the codes. I have the same problem with the codes added today….all say they are duplicates. Discounts average $13 off with a Kellogg’s Family Rewards promo code or coupon. I think that all of the Holiday codes have expired. But we also have good news - you can reinstate your expired points once every 12 months! Thank you for always posting Kellogg’s free code, Freebies4Mom. I have a Kellog’s Family Rewards account but I dont know where or how to grab/use those codes. Freizeitpark Ruhpolding Ticket-Shop. Thanks, but codes from packages are one-time use codes that can’t be shared. Hightemp25free4u EARNGREATREWARDS (20 points) Still Valid. I just tried it, it was a “duplicate” for me too, Your code is a duplicate because it is a code that was fr when they used to put codes inside the boxes of cereal and Keebler products. I found KIND-NESS-PASS-ITON. They all worked for me except Hollyjollycostco (already on my list) and CINCODEMAYOPARTY (code has expired). Thanks so much for confirming that all the codes work! The codes contained in todays email are all one time use codes and thus invalid. It's been 90 days or more since you logged in or submitted a receipt, so your KFR points have expired. It looks like CELELBRATEMOTHERS has expired also. Thanks so much – I’ll update my list right now! Nutritioninabowl 50 pts On part of items, Kellogg's Family Rewards provides 10% OFF discount and customers can get from these selected ones to save money. The rest worked great!, SUMMERTIMESPTS4U for 100 points Expires 12/26. Thanks Emily – I’m guessing the older codes have expired. You’re welcome – and I appreciate the update! CELEBRATEGAMEDAY is expired. I ask because it’s hard to find the latest/current comments on your page. I believe they are being used for that charity, but you still have to sometimes wonder. GAME-TIME-GOOD-EATS also for 25 points. FEBRUARYPOINTS4U (100 points, new 2/13, expiration unknown) Keep coming back to my blog because I usually post new Kellogg’s codes every week! so unfair. Expires 9/30/16. It keeps telling me that my username or password is incorrect even when I’ve just requested a password reset. Pauline – I just found the fine print that says accounts that are inactive for 90 consecutive days can have all points removed. SAVE-MORE-4KFR-DADS for 100 points! one code is GV7GV3WR74JITYZ6 ANOTHER ONE IS YWG334WJQK7TCPYI. FREE 50-PT CODE: Expires 3/28/16. Also lately when taking my redemption certificate to 2 different movie houses. These codes don’t work for me or my daughter. New KFR code: KFRCELEBRATESDAD exp. Your the best?? Thanks for letting me know, I’ll update my list. Thanks so much for these. We are making strides towards this goal, and are firmly committed to continuing to focus on inclusion while identifying and removing barriers to opportunities. It’s possible that you saw the code somewhere else and had already entered it in your account. Mo | 21.12.20. September 1st: RELA-XITS-LABO-RDAY (100 points) Expires 9/8. :), If anyone wants to do the puzzle for fun, here is the link: New 100 point code posted on the 16th. 25PT-BIGG-AMEB-ONUS for 25 points, expires 2/15/16. KFRW-ARMA-NDTO-ASTY for 25 points. I used to get them in emails, but don’t get them any longer. I have found for you to use completely free, the latest Kellogg’s Printable Coupons for 2020. KFR was cute and posted a screen shot of it being only 5 pts, but it is really 50 pts. KFRBONUSPTSTWEET said expired, SOTHANKFULFORYOU (50 points) Expires 11/28. :). 13.10.2020 - Gutschein-Zeitung: Gutschein Angebote zu den Themen Freizeitpark Erlebnispark Tierpark Zoo Therme Museum Freizeit und Unterhaltung. To get NEW FREE Kelloggs Family Rewards Points Code – login or register to enter codes listed below. Details here: LUCK-YKFR-BONU-SPTS (Exp 03/23/18) 50 points, EARLY SPRING BONUS code not working. I hope everyone is getting some great freebies & coupons with their points! ;). I don’t get any codes in emails from Kelloggs either. HAVE-ASUN-NYSP-RING for 25 points. Site Design and Maintenance By: Kind of funny! AMAZINGSPIDERMAN (20 points) added 4/21 – WORKED. Thanks so much!! And they will gladly give you a code to finish out your group. Couldn’t confirm this code yet, but here you go! Yes – hard to say! I’m not sure, but you might be able to access the quiz just by logging into your Kellogg’s Family Rewards account but don’t quote me on that. TRICKYTIPSBYTONY 25 points It worked! You’ve solved our crossword and entered your FREE BONUS CODE! Now trying to get back in….kellogs cereal on sale for $1.99 a box & new I needed to get my coupons together for double coupons & then found out my pts were gone! Woo hoo! The Kellogg’s Manufacturer’s coupons can’t be combined (i.e. Adding now – thanks so much for the new code! you have to open other email accounts to keep things balanced with the kfc computer. :)). much appreciative. I appreciate the update Marissa! :-D. PTS4THRIFTYCAJUN – tried this code and it says that it is expired. Wonderful that you were able to get so many points with the help of my list! FREE-POIN-TS4D-IVAS for 100 points. :-D TYSM!!!!!!!!!!!!! i tried all the codes posted for 2016 and they are all expired , what a waste of my time, BONUSCODE4UHTSFF (25 points) is 100 points not 25. Thanks but that code yields “Error message unknown”… and today is only 12/19. Just thought I’d let it be known that the codes wernt working for me. Updating my list – I appreciate your help! this time it worked -yippee! Keep up the great work! New code today on Facebook: CORNYLOVESEASTER. That’s awesome, Grace! FAVORITEKFRTREAT (100 points, new 12/16/20, expiration unknown). But I guess five points is five points. I remove codes that have expired if my readers who are entering the code for the first time get the message the code has expired (most codes do not have a published expiration date). 25 Points for Scary Good Savings Bonus Code I thought maybe the corporate offices of Kellogg’s and their related affiliates were ‘tightening’ their rules because it looks to me that the main reason for these codes offered by them is more of a marketing strategy to find where people buy their products the most (as a former accountant for 20+ years I can’t help but think that this is their main agenda). HAPP-YLEA-PDAY-2YOU expiring on 3/7/16. Schlagworte: Freizeitpark. SWEET – that’s an awesome way to celebrate the “Anniversary” of joining Kellogg’s Family Rewards! And I’m looking into setting up email notifications when I reply to comments. Just will let them build up some more, as I’m not really into “things/stuff” anymore. Haven’t received any yet. I just tried the BACKTOSCHOOL2014 code and it worked. Find nutritional advice, healthy recipes and Kellogg's offers and promotions online. Thanks for the points…:-) Have a blessed day! I had over 5,000 points and they expired while I was out of town. I am faithful about entering my codes from products but never remember to do these and having them all in one place is such a time-saver!!! Top-Themen: Freizeitpark Gutschein Tierpark Gutschein Zoo Gutschein Reise Gutschein Musical Gutschein Erlebnispark Gutschein Family Park Gutschein. WHOOPEECUSHIONPT 25 points, ILUV-BBAL-LREC-IPES for 25 points

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