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JULIE ANDREWS pre-Mary Poppins/Sound of Music I think. It tells the story of Pili (Kea Peahu) and Iaone (Alex Aiono, who has Arizona roots), Brooklyn-raised siblings who end up spending the summer on O'ahu. “But all of sudden there were these two major movies with people of color, and I think that started to change the conversation.”, She was amazed when Netflix bought rights to the film in late 2018, but by the time shooting began the next year, she felt additional pressure from the Hawaiian community, which through social media had circulated comments about “white-washing” — using white actors to play nonwhite characters. It's a plot that will smack of reality for generations of ex-islanders who moved away seeking jobs, chasing love or simply escaping the confines of island life only to be drawn back by family obligations. “That was absolutely a legitimate fear, given the work that has come before us,” she said, referring to the controversy over the 2015 film “Aloha.”, Weng’s cast is not only mostly Native Hawaiian, she also took every opportunity to consult Hawaiian crew members about the appropriate presentation of their culture. There are worse fates, for certain, than feeling forced into relocating to paradise. Her character speaks Spanish, having learned it because New Yorkers were always mistaking her for Puerto ­Rican. Log in now to continue reading this story. With David Spade, Lauren Lapkus, Nick Swardson, Geoff Pierson. 10.5 Apocalypse (2006) (destroyed by a tsunami) 2012 (2009) (destroyed by a super volcano) 50 First Dates (2004) Aloha (2015) Aloha, Scooby-Doo! Master storyteller Lopaka Kapanui served as cultural advisor for the film, which includes scenes with night marchers, properly decked out in warrior attire and even adorned with tattoos by Kali‘i Makua. Tim thinks he's invited the woman of his dreams on a work retreat to Hawaii, realizing too late he mistakenly texted someone from a nightmare blind date. Support local journalism and subscribe to azcentral.com today. 'UNFILTERED, RAW AND TRUE':Alex Aiono left Arizona for LA at 14. So Pili, short for Pilialoha, or "beloved" in ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi, discovers a journal that sets her on a hunt for long-lost Spanish treasure. Votes: 3,044 | Gross: $1.95M Hu recalled that it was originally all in Hawaiian, but Weng wanted to avoid subtitling it. BLUE HAWAII (1961) Filmed during the prime of Elvis Presley’s movie career, Blue Hawaii is the first of three Hawaii themed movies made by the legendary singer. The movie, which streams on Jan. 29, is a part of Netflix's Representation Matters collection. Looking to watch Blue Hawaii (1962)? We have everything you need to know about FINDING ‘OHANA, including the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date.. FINDING ‘OHANA is an upcoming Netflix … Almost a billion YouTube views later, he's a star. Then Pili discovers an old Spanish ­journal among her grandpa’s belongings, and her brainy new friend Casper (Owen Vaccaro) recalls the tale of Spanish ­pirates who left a treasure hidden on the island. A new movie filmed in the islands will … “There was going to be all this Hawaiian dialogue, and I found myself thinking to myself ‘Am I Hawaiian enough to do this?’” she said with a laugh. Print subscriber but without online access? A charming rogue, an American hero and a die-hard Detroit Tigers fan, Magnum lives in […] Treasure hunting dominates the majority of the movie's second half, which will bring smiles to the faces of Millennials everywhere. And, no, it's not a coincidence the movie stirs up many of the same emotions as "The Goonies." Island expats will chuckle in solidarity when Pili explains that she speaks Spanish but not Hawaiian because she "got tired of explaining to people back home (she) wasn't Puerto Rican." – 1962 Donovan’s Reef – 1963 is a modern take on the classic series centering on Thomas Magnum, a decorated former Navy SEAL who, upon returning home from Afghanistan, repurposes his military skills to become a private investigator. The gruff Kimo is upset that Leilani took the kids and deserted the islands 11 years earlier; Ioane is bummed to be stuck with his bratty kid sister; and Pili is missing out on a geocaching summer camp. For one scene where she had to cry, she remembered her great-great-grandmother, who had passed away recently. WENG IS a native of Taiwan who, upon having her DNA tested a few years ago, discovered she has Polynesian blood. Years ago, it took me three years to get beyond the first 100 pages of James A Michner's HAWAII (building of the actual island) so I thought I'd watch the movie. Where can Hawaii Five-0 be found online and is it available to stream on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime? “I’m still in a dance crew, so we have to do really active stuff,” she said. “When I heard that, I was like wait, what? It’s an unhappy homecoming. Cast: : Kea Peahu, Alex Aiono, Lindsay Watson, Owen Vaccaro. For those who know a thing or two about Hawai'i nei, there's even more to enjoy. The adults' conversations also take place almost exclusively in pidgin English, local island slang that borrows words from Filipino, Japanese, Chinese and native Hawaiian languages. Their mother Leilani, played by native Hawaiian actress and Kamehameha Schools graduate Kelly Hu, brings them back after her father falls ill. She moved the family away from the islands after her husband's death six years prior and doesn't seem to have been back since. Current Productions: MAGNUM PI- (CBS TV Studios) Magnum P.I. Why Hawaii Five-0 fans will love it: This comedy series that acts as a continuation of a 2019 Netflix original movie of the same name, may not have the same grit and dramatic narrative style of … “It sent me on this personal journey of knowing that I was part Polynesian but I was never raised with any of the culture or any of the appreciation of that heritage,” she said. Buddies are on the hunt for Spanish treasure in Netflix’s new movie “Finding ‘Ohana,” which was filmed in Hawaii. It is presented not as some remote, primitive backwater, but as a blend of island and mainland culture and of ancient and modern times. Financial issues threaten the family’s lush Windward property. This is a list of films set in Hawaii. For those who have never stepped foot in the islands, simply taking in the stoic green mauna of Kualoa Ranch nature preserve is enough to justify watching. "Goonies" fans may recognize Ke Huy Quan, known for playing the inventive Data in the '80s film, who also appears in "Finding 'Ohana" as grandpa Kimo's friend. There's tension between Hana and her dad, Kimo, that's only intensified when she discovers financial missteps have left him at risk of losing the family's property and home. Activate your Digital Account now. Because I have never spoken Spanish in my life. There’s plenty of action sequences for Kea in “Finding ‘Ohana” — a wild bike ride through New York in the opening montage, falling through lava tubes and waterfalls in Kualoa. KEA PEAHU also faced language issues for her role as Pilialoha, but not with ­Hawaiian. Both films feature fearless, happy-go-lucky kids seeking the treasure of Spanish pirates (and it’s important that they’re from Spain). With a predominantly Asian American cast and crew, the film showcases representation both on and off screen. The real meat of the film takes place in Hawaii on Tim’s corporate retreat, specifically the island of Oahu, where the likes of Honolulu and Pearl Harbour are located. ... 1h 30m | Romantic Comedies. Not very well, per friends there, but it's available. List of Movies Filmed in Hawaii and Release Date. "it's like she's voicing the unspoken thoughts of locals across the archipelago. [Hawaii’s Breaking News–Download the … Directed by Tyler Spindel. You're reading a premium story. The breadth of your selections reached deep into Hollywood’s film vaults—from 1953’s From Here To Eternity to recent favorites such as 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall (both filmed on Oahu). A treasure hunt through Kualoa Ranch drives the plot of “Finding ‘Ohana,” a family-friendly adventure comedy that debuts Friday on Netflix. The 2010 version cast Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan as Steve McGarrett and Danny "Danno" Williams respectively, with Daniel Dae Kim ( Lost ) and Grace Park playing Chin and Kono for the first seven … Expect underage driving, underwater tunnels, hidden waterfalls and, yes, booby traps. Small but delicious little details like a slice of just-picked mango plucked off the tip of a knife, a towering plate of sugar-dusted malasadas and Tupperware full of homemade Spam musubi will tug on your appetite and sense of nostalgia. “I got to come back to Hawaii a few days before she passed and say goodbye to her, and that really helped me,” she said. Sometimes you see a description of a movie and know, or at least hope, that it’s going to be fun. Netflix’s ‘Finding Ohana’ Film Takes You On A Treasure Hunt in Hawaii – Watch The Trailer! It would be easy to write off "Finding 'Ohana" as a Goonies redux that just happens to swap the misty Oregon coast for the stunning landscape of the Hawaiian Islands. During the 1820s, a domineering young minister, Abner Hale (Max von Sydow), and his compassionate wife, Jerusha (Julie Andrews), embark on a dangerous sea voyage to Hawaii. Already a subscriber? Follow her on Instagram at laurensaria, on Twitter at lhsaria and on Facebook at facebook.com/lsaria. a shave-ice shop near Los Angeles. Buddies are on the hunt for Spanish treasure in Netflix’s new movie “Finding ‘Ohana,” which was filmed in Hawaii. Yes, Hawaii participates in Netflix. The movie marks the first time that Aiono and Peahu have acted. Presley plays Chad, a young man fresh out of the army who decides not to take a job in … “That was really the key subtext for our main characters. Corrections & Clarifications: A previous version of this article incorrectly identified the actress who plays Leilani. 500 Ala Moana Blvd. It riffs on "Goonies" and offers a moving look at Hawaiian … (2005) A Perfect Getaway (2009) A Very Brady Sequel (1996) Battleship (2012) Beyond Paradise (1998) Big Eyes (2014) Black Widow (1987) Blood & Orchids (1986) Blue Crush (2002) Blue Hawaii (1961) Hu heads up a cast with deep ties to the islands, featuring Oahu-born Kea Peahu in the lead role of Pilialoha; Lindsay Watson, a native of Maui; and Branscombe Richmond, a longtime Maui resident who has appeared in films and TV shows set in Hawaii, including the original “Magnum P.I.” Alex Aiono, a singer/ producer of Samoan and Maori descent, also stars in the film, which got a shout-out on Jan. 15 from Maui Mayor Mike Victorino in a declaration proclaiming Friday to be Finding ‘Ohana Day. A wondrous cave. “This was before ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ came out and before ‘Black Panther,’” she said. Kea Peahu, Lindsay Watson, and Owen Vaccaro find themselves on … Finding Ohana was filmed in Hawaii, New York, the Dominican Republic and Thailand. Weng initially thought a film focused on Native Hawaiian themes would have trouble getting financing. Reach the reporter at lauren.saria@azcentral.com. Netflix never stops. All rights reserved. “I became really close with our transpo (transportation) guy, and I asked him tons of questions: ‘What do you think of the title of the movie? Suddenly, the trip could turn into a more permanent stay. Find out where Blue Hawaii (1962) is streaming, if Blue Hawaii (1962) is on Netflix, and get news and updates, on Decider. They set off in search of the ­treasure and, joined by Ioane and island girl Hana (Watson), experience a journey of self-discovery along the way. “And from across the room, I hear this voice say, ‘Did somebody mention “Goonies”?’ And I turn around, and it’s Ke Quan.”. Her parents had just moved to the Las Vegas area from Hawaii a few months before the filming began and she doesn’t expect to be visiting the islands as often as before. Read the full story with our Print & Digital Subscription. HONOLULU (KHON2) – Netflix original film, Finding Ohana, follows a Hawaiian family from New York making the journey back to the islands. … So what does it mean to be Hawaiian when you weren’t raised to know and understand that much about your own culture?”, An experienced TV director before venturing into film, Weng got the opportunity to direct “Finding ‘Ohana” after telling her agent that she wanted to direct “action, adventure, comedy” films, with “character, family and a female lead as a bonus.”, “To my amazement, my agent sent me this script — the first script he sent me — and he said ‘I think this checks off all your boxes.’ ”, From there, the project moved at a surprisingly fast clip. Finding ‘Ohana, the feature directorial debut of filmmaker Jude Weng, clearly has BGE: Big Goonies Energy. In “Finding ‘Ohana,” Pilialoha, a 12-year-old Brooklyn girl who excels at geocaching, travels to Hawaii with her mother Leilani (Hu) and older brother Ioane (Aiono) to take care of ailing family patriarch Kimo (Richmond). “I didn’t want anybody who was a native speaker to flinch when I spoke Hawaiian,” she said. Not only does it present an opportunity for fun (by the way, she's an accomplished geocacher and therefore uniquely prepared to take this on), but it also provides hope she can find enough money to save her grandfather's home without having to uproot her own life back East. © 2021 www.azcentral.com. “It’s a beautiful scene of connection.”. A naturally energetic child who first came to national attention with her dance appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Kea handled the action scenes with aplomb. All rights reserved. Writer Christina Strain’s script is an homage to the family classic. Very quaint, dated film that catches just a glimpse of what actually happened in Hawaii. Korean American screenwriter Christina Strain and Taiwanese American director Judy Weng released the Netflix original movie Finding Ohana on Jan. 29. Read more. … It helped that they told me, ‘You do not have to speak proper Spanish. And when the treasure seeker asks why anyone would come "all the way to Hawai'i just to see where they film 'Lost'? Hawaii Five-0 is the long-running reboot of the classic cop show of the same title. Almost a billion YouTube views later, he's a star, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. The streaming service has never been in the business of "less is more"—instead favoring pumping out original series, movies, … Netflix Where was Finding Ohana filmed? “I think (Hawaii residents) will really experience it in a way that nobody else can,” said Kelly Hu, the former Miss Hawaii USA-turned actor who stars as a single mom in the movie. The exchanges can feel a little unnatural, performative even — but it's thrilling all the same to hear the unmistakable bouncy inflection and melodic cadence of the language on screen. It’s not what your character is, it’s just a language your character speaks.’”. The exciting new family-adventure FINDING ‘OHANA is premiering on Netflix this January. UNLIMITED TV SHOWS & MOVIES. “Finding ‘Ohana” stars Alex Aiono, left, as Ioane, Lindsay Watson as Hana, Kea Peahu as Pilialoha and Owen Vaccaro as Casper. “Someone, I don’t know who, told them (filmmakers) that I speak fluent Spanish,” said Kea, who moved to Los Angeles five years ago at age 8. But the visibility the film offers for the complexity and beauty of Hawaiian culture makes it so much more. It shouldn't spoil much to say Pili's hunt for the lost treasure ultimately leads her to something unexpected: discovering a connection to her Hawaiian heritage. Alex Aiono left Arizona for LA at 14. Hu, who is Hawaiian on her mother’s side, attended Kamehameha Schools before it emphasized Hawaiian language. Enjoy this free story! For this family, adventure and the spirit of aloha go hand in hand. What do you think of this character?’ He told me he’d never had someone ask so many questions.”. “There’s a lot of Hawaiian humor in particular that mainlanders will not get.”. Shooting the film in Hawaii provided a homecoming for Hu that might be increasingly rare. #7-210 Copyright © 2021 StarAdvertiser.com. For a party scene, Kea Peahu’s mother Sanoi Peahu taught the cast authentic hula moves. There’s another connection in actor Ke Huy Quan, one of the original Goonies, who has a small role in “Finding ‘Ohana.” The part was created for him after a serendipitous meeting with director Jude Weng at (where else?)

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