html comment shortcut

CTRL+E, C. Uncomment selection. The same way works for uncommenting code inside a block comment - set the caret anywhere in the block comment, press Alt+Enter and choose Uncomment. Ctrl + Shift + / Toggle Comment block. More information about Standard Attributes. Shortcuts: Description: Extra comments: Ctrl+D: Duplicate a Line or Selection: Duplicates a selection if text is selected else it duplicates the line: Ctrl + / To toggle Line comment: Use this for Single Line: Ctrl + Shift+ / To toggle Block comment: Use this for Multiple lines: Ctrl + Enter: To add a new line after the current line. Display inline Code Example You will be able to see this text. Alt+F7: Find usages. Convert selection to lowercase. ... To add a shortcut for an action that you use frequently (or if you want to change an existing shortcut), select it and press Alt+Enter.