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SHOEI NORTH AMERICA. ✓Meilleur Prix ✓Livraison Gratuite ✓5% Remboursement ✓Livraison Rapide ✓satisfait ou remboursé: 100 jours ✓Retour Gratuit! Large selection of vintage & retro full face helmets from AGV, BELL, BILTWELL, CAST, DAVIDA, DMD, HEDON, QWART, ROEG, SHOEI and VELDT. view all. Le Shoei Glamstar vous apportera un niveau élevé de confort et de protection, sans oublier de nombreuses touches de style vintage, avec sa coque ronde classique sans fioritures qui plonge au cœur des origines de la moto. Shoei talks to injured MotoGP World Champion Marc Márquez in this rather strange lockdown season. Helmet City has a massive range of genuine Shoei Helmets in stock and all have free UK and EU delivery. La numéro 1 boutique pour l'Equipment MOTO à Prix imbattable! FULL-FACE HELMET. In this motorcycle helmet review we take a look at the Shoei Glamster, which is a completely new motorcycle helmet in Shoei’s collection. Achetez chez nous pour obtenir Shoei GT-AIR 2 Luckycharms TC-10 : ✓meilleur prix ✓5% remboursement ✓Livraison Gratuite ✓Retour Gratuit ✓livraison rapide ✓découvrez maintenant! Sold out. Feature. SHOEI X-SPIRIT 3 - ASSAIL TC2. Two brand new Retro-inspired full face helmets will be hitting the market in early 2020 courtesy of Arai & Shoei. Shoei developed the new helmet based on the design of the much-loved EX-series of lids from the 1980s, it’ll initially be offered in 6 colors (red, yellow, white, black, matte black, and grey) with one other design with retro stripes. Specification and products line-up of SHOEI helmets vary depending upon country or area. Interview. More The Shoei Glamster helmet is a new offering from the highly-regarded Japanese helmet manufacturer aimed squarely at the vintage, classic, and retro motorcycle world. C $428.66. view all. Please contact our distributors for details. X-Spirit III "REAL RACING SPEC" is truly brought into shape, X-Spirit III, the full face helmet to win races. Shoei s'entretient avec le champion du monde MotoGP blessé Marc Márquez au cours de cette saison plutôt étrange. view all. Acheter Shoei Glamster Resurrection TC-5? Marc Márquez – Locked down. Acheter Shoei Glamster Noir? Shoei Glamster. Achetez chez nous pour obtenir Shoei GT-AIR 2 Panorama TC-5 : ✓meilleur prix ✓5% remboursement ✓Livraison Gratuite ✓Retour Gratuit ✓livraison rapide ✓découvrez maintenant! Production & Quality. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Après examen de votre message et du contenu sur le site où le produit figure à plus bas prix, nous validerons ce prix sur notre catalogue et vous bénéficierez d’une réduction -après validation- sur le-dit produit. Shoei RYD Helmet White. Important Legal Notices and How to Identify Your Helmet. R&D / Testing. Production & Quality. EUROPE. Ex-Zero Action in Meta Magazin. This new version has been tweaked to have a bit more of a rakish profile (i.e. With every new release, Shoei manage to strengthen their reputation as a … In stock. Shoei Motorcycle Helmets Shoei started making helmets back in 1958 and very quickly became an industry standard due to their nearly unrivalled attention to detail and their dedication to an impeccable product. Shield Tints Technology. It’s more retro looking than the Arai, in my opinion. Retrouvez ainsi les plus grandes marques d'equipement. We also have hundreds of Shoei helmets on Sale at Clearance prices. FULL-FACE. Active Safety. Nous recherchons votre entière satisfaction. Forming part of the new Shoei neo-classic range the Glamster taps into the companies long history of manufacturing racing helmets. The Shoei Glamster is another full face retro helmet that’s designed to give you yesteryear’s styling and attitude alongside a hefty dollop of modern day helmet tech. Chong Aik International Pte Ltd. Showroom. The sport-touring helmet now features three air inlets and six exhaust ports to facilitate ventilation. or Best Offer. Vintage Shoei Rf-gp HELMET Snell 85 Nomex L BELL SIMPSON, ARAI . Sold out. Shoei RYD Helmet Matt Deep Grey. ✓Meilleur Prix ✓Livraison Gratuite ✓5% Remboursement ✓Livraison Rapide ✓satisfait ou remboursé: 100 jours ✓Retour Gratuit! $379.99. Sold out. C $92.33 shipping. SHOEI EUROPE. The shape and design of our retro full face helmets has its roots in the golden era of the 70's but offer much more modern comfort and safety features due to ECE and/or DOT homologation.The times where an open face helmet is the only king of cool are over. Arai has unveiled their Concept X, also known as the Rapide Neo in Japan, and then there’s this helmet, the rather oddly named, Shoei Glamster. Sales and shipping of Shoei® helmets manufactured for markets other than the United States (and thus not satisfying the specific United States Department of Transportation requirements FMVSS-218) into the United States violates applicable United States Federal law and related regulations. Active Safety. NEW GRAPHICS 2021 Available This Fall Please contact our distributors for details. This doesn’t make it any less appealing than its competitors, but its cheesy name might. Inside A Shoei Helmet. SIZE:XS-XXL. In stock. A practical Retro? Shoei Ex-Zero Retro helmet review. C $32.96. view all. The ‘Rapide helmet uses the same PB e-cLc (Peripherally Belted e-Complex Laminate Construction), found across the entire Arai range. Beyond the Wheels with Stefan Lantschner. The Shoei Glamster is a newcomer to the cafe racer helmet market. Glamster from Shoei is a full-face retro helmet that gives you the classy look with all the modern-day helmet tech. SHOEI X-SPIRIT 3 - ASSAIL TC10. © Copyright 2020 ✓Meilleur Prix ✓Livraison Gratuite ✓5% Remboursement ✓Livraison Rapide ✓satisfait ou remboursé: 100 jours ✓Retour Gratuit! Important warranty notice regarding helmet purchases in the U.S. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Shoei® Neotec II Excursion Modular Helmet. Ce casque intégral est un ajout au célèbre casque rétro Shoei Ex-Zero de la série Shoei Neo-classic et au Casque Jet Shoei J-O. May 23, 2018 - Shoei follows the increasing bobber trend and reveals the Ex-Zero helmet that harks back to the old days Shoei reveals Ex-Zero, a full-face helmet inspired from… More information Shoei Ex-Zero retro helmet arrives FULL-FACE SYSTEM JET OFF-ROAD TRIAL. NOS Vintage NEW Large Yellow Shoei S-20 Retro Full Face Helmet Cafe Bobber . There’s been a steady growth in the number of retro motorcycle helmets on the market over the past few years. It’s aimed at giving you the chance to stand out from the crowd while having much of the safety features and … For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Shoei Helmets North America Official Website. shoei neotec 2 anthracite x-small helmet Yellow Bear© Easy Five ™, Kit 5 Stickers Retro réfléchissants REPOSITIONNABLES, pour Casque Moto, 3M™ Technology, Noir 4,7 sur 5 étoiles 124 R&D / Testing. ✓Meilleur Prix ✓Livraison Gratuite ✓5% Remboursement ✓Livraison Rapide ✓satisfait ou remboursé: 100 jours ✓Retour Gratuit! It’s a nice touch and makes the Shoei Ex-Zero much more of a useful every day helmet than if it was sold visorless and needed goggles. Inline with Arai’s philosophy; a hard, smooth and round shell is filled with a soft multi-density ‘EPS liner’ which is formed as a single piece. Shield Technology. Redux … can live forever ‘REDUX’ not only symbolizes the rebirth of a motorcycle but the state of mind of a person living in these difficult times. SHOEI X-SPIRIT 3 - BLACK. Sold out. ASIA. Achetez chez nous pour obtenir Shoei GT-AIR 2 Emblem TC-1: ✓meilleur prix ✓5% remboursement ✓Livraison Gratuite ✓Retour Gratuit ✓livraison rapide ✓découvrez maintenant! SINGAPORE Helmets Line-up Options & Parts Support. Who said left? Acheter Shoei Glamster Gris? Plus. In stock. And now for 2020 two big names in the industry have come to the party. Shoei was started by Eitaro Kamata, who originally designed and used his first helmets exclusively for the demanding racing sector. view all. Specification and products line-up of SHOEI helmets vary depending upon country or area. Are you looking for an efficient and aesthetic solution to make your SHOEI NEOTEC II™ helmet visible by night? Because their latest retro helmet is the Ex-Zero; a helmet based on an old motocross lid called the EX-5 (I think) that they used to make in the 1980’s. Shield Tints. Try our stickers specially adapted to your branded helmets. Retro-reflective stickers for your SHOEI NEOTEC II™ helmet: visibility and respect for aesthetics. Looks like Shoei’s design department are starting to let their inner-hipster take over! For riders in States that have helmet requirements, failure to wear a motorcycle helmet satisfying Federal DOT standards constitutes a violation of applicable State law. NORTH AMERICA. C $91.01. Shield Technology. C $79.14 shipping. Styled as a modern take on a retro design, the neo-classic Shoei Glamster is targeted at the BikeShed loving, retro bike riding crowd and goes up in direct competition with helmets such as the Arai Rapide, Biltwell Gringo, Bell Bullitt and even Shoei's own Ex-Zero. C $71.70 shipping. Avec les marques: Dainese Alpinestars Rev'It Schuberth AGV Shoei Sidi Ai SHOEI JAPAN. address: 45 Desker Road, Singapore 209576 TEL: +65 6 294 2532 … Découvrez Champion Helmets, la première boutique en ligne d’équipements, de vêtements et casques pour moto. 34 watching. From $1,099.00. Acheter Shoei Glamster Blanc? - Theme by, Laguna Seca 4 Perforated Combinaison 1-pièce, Comment Choisir La Taille Et La Coupe De Vos Vestes + Video, Revue du Sena 50S & 50R Installation + Video. Vintage Shoei Motorcycle Helmet Size Yellow Full Face - Man Cave Decor Its shell is exactly how we’d have wanted – a completely round dome with a smooth 70s and 80s style chin-bar. ✓Meilleur Prix ✓Livraison Gratuite ✓5% Remboursement ✓Livraison Rapide ✓satisfait ou remboursé: 100 jours ✓Retour Gratuit! JAPAN. I don’t envy any marketing team tasked with naming a new product. view all. C $105.49. Shoei RYD Helmet Tangerine Orange. The signature sun visor returns in 2021 and the … vintage shoei Z-100 helmet Blue stripes . Just like the open face Shoei J.O., the Ex-Zero features a drop down clear visor that slides up inside the helmet shell, in much the same way most drop down sun visors do. view all. Tous les produits ont été ajoutés à votre panier. ✓Meilleur Prix ✓Livraison Gratuite ✓5% Remboursement ✓Livraison Rapide ✓satisfait ou remboursé: 100 jours ✓Retour Gratuit! Plus . Since 1958, SHOEI has been dedicated to the development of a superior, safer, motorcycle helmet. FULL-FACE. Inside A Shoei Helmet. Vintage Shoei St Cruz W-3 White Half Helmet Size (L) 7 3/8-7 1/2. Acheter Shoei X-Spirit III Marquez Motegi 3? Expertly Crafted from the highest grade materials Designed and manufactured using innovative technologies. SHOEI X-SPIRIT 3 - BRADLEY3 TC1 . From $1,349.00. Acheter Shoei Glamster Noir Mate? Achetez chez nous pour obtenir: ✓meilleur prix ✓5% remboursement ✓Livraison Gratuite ✓Retour Gratuit ✓livraison rapide ✓découvrez maintenant! In the past few years we’ve gone from having almost no safe/modern helmets with retro design cues to having over a dozen to choose from – all meeting modern certification standards.

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